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   May 15th, 2006
   Moncton Flight College Receives Civil Aviation Authority of China Approval to Train Chinese Pilots

Beijing, China 
For Immediate Release

The Moncton Flight College, received final approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) to train pilots in Canada today. The approval referred to as 
“Verification of Pilot School Certificate” was presented to Mike Doiron, CEO and Principal of the Moncton Flight College by Captain Guangcheng Chen of the Flight Standards Department at the CAAC offices in Beijing.

This approval allows the Flight College to offer pilot training to pilots from China that is designed to get these young aviators in the country’s airlines. China’s demand for airline pilots is rapidly expanding and they are searching the world over for top quality flight training schools that meet their exacting standards. Initial application for approval was done in June of last year. 

Following an extensive review of over 1000 pages of documentation prepared by the Moncton Flight College, CAAC officials visited the Moncton area in March of this year to complete the final approval inspection. The inspection was completed over a four day period.

The Moncton Flight College is believed to be the only flight training school worldwide to have approvals from Transport Canada, the Joint Aviation Authority of Europe and now the Civil Aviation Authority of China. 

Mike Doiron, Principal and CEO of MFC, said the timing couldn’t be better for MFC. “There is a huge demand for pilots in Northeast Asia and existing training facilities can’t handle the numbers of students needed to fill these positions.”

“China alone needs to train approximately 1200 pilots a year,” Doiron said. 

MFC recently expanded their facilities by building a brand new training centre and residence, so are prepared to handle the increased number of students.

“Through support from ACOA and also the Province of New Brunswick we find ourselves capable of competing for major training contracts on the international stage.” continued Doiron.

Mike Tilley, President of CANLink Global, MFC’s partner in China says the Moncton Flight College’s industry reputation, lengthy history, safety record and leading edge training techniques are what have brought them this far in China.

Moncton Flight College, operating out of the Greater Moncton International Airport in Dieppe, New Brunswick, has a long history of flight training in Atlantic Canada. It has been training pilots from around the world since 1929 and during that time has taught over 15,000 pilots, from over 60 countries, to fly. MFC is one of the top producers of commercial pilots in Canada. The school recently graduated 99 pilots from across Canada and from various countries around the world.

The current contract negotiations with multiple operators in China will result in a doubling the number of students attending the college within the first two years with further growth planned after that.

Contact: Mike Doiron, Principal and CEO, Moncton Flight College
Phone: +86 136 2104 1442
Contact: Mike Tilley, President, CANLink Global
Phone: +86 135 0113 0804

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